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The historic "Lucian's party in Vouliagmeni"

Monday July 25, 1983, was on the radio and yes that was the big day. The day (the night to be specific) became that big party. Luciano Kelaidon's concert on the beach of Vouliagmeni de. It gathered 100,000 people, and remained in history as the Greek Woodstock, who took the music from the stadiums to the beaches (and more generally to the outdoors). He might not have had Borges, Kandinsky, and Sinatra (as Lucian says in his song), but had German, Zorbalas, Savvopoulos and Dalaras. He also had a lot of beer, fireworks, joy and carefree. And dives of course.

"The idea of the Vouliagmeni Party belongs to a purely poetic space, that is, I don't even know - well, how I conceived this idea," says Lucian, and that's how the magic begins. The truth is, that by the time he conceived it, everything was intentional. "Since January when I closed the beach near every full moon, I was walking out of the railings, sitting, watching and thinking about what I wanted to do." Why Vouliagmeni? Why that beach? Do you think everything was random? No.

Lucian has the answer. "Because it's a place we spent our childhood, it was the farthest beach we could go then, we usually went Alimo, Eden, Zefyros, Vouliagmeni was the finish. The beach has a similarity to the Roman theater concave. " Even architecturally designed it had it in his head. "The world would be in a semicircle. Logically the orchestra, the center of the circle, would be in the sea. " So the idea for the floating platform came, he went to Keratsini and found it. It was also fastened with four anchors and those who had to climb were coming in with a kraft curry.


he moved the earth and the sky. he went to Melina, the Minister of Culture at the time, and told her "I want a EOT beach for that day, which will have a moon", and asked her to have fireflies (yes fireflies) and then the Ministry of Agriculture which was advised for him to address to, told him July won't be their season! “I wanted to bury whiskey under the sand. It would be a hell of a time”, to look for, to play, to become one, to relax and have a good time. To become children again .

He wanted to organize not a concert, but a party, a word that was outdated at that time (of disco and decibels). He was referring to the 50's. "Then they called it a beach party and I learned that they had it in America, I didn't know what beach parties were, I just wanted to have a party," says Lucian. "I wanted the time that people come in to hear cowboy music, what they were playing in saloons, as it was.

I found Ellie Semitecolo, a great pianist, and before sunset, she played a great piece by Scott Joplin, these ragtime we call. I also wanted a big band with wind instruments to play Glen Miller songs, Moonlight Serenade for example, and I finally did it, I had an orchestra of about 16-17 people. "


The names of the artists involved would not be announced. The public would go for the fun. For the unexpected. To get out of the walls for a while and live this super cool thing that would happen. They learned it from the simple poster (which had flooded Athens) and from the radio. And everyone went (but everyone), some in swimwear and some not (determined to dive in with clothes). "I was imagining a night with 3,000 or 5,000 people. I never imagined the 80,000 or 100,000 people that finally got together.

It was the biggest event ever, followed by the Olympic stages that Savvopoulos and Dalar made, "says Loukianos. They were both in Party and Margarita Zorbala and Vangelis the German. And they did it profusely. And Lucianos sang for the first time upright (and not only on the piano, as he did until then). The night was broadcasted from the radio for 5 hours, from 9 untill 2. Dj was Giannis Petridis and he was playing music from the 50s, 60s and 70s in the gaps between the artists. Heraklis Papadakis and Diagoras Chronopoulos took over the filming.

People of all ages went, others listened, others swam with their girls under the moon, others had been lawn mowers, consumed whatever was in their drink and eaten. "People came in through the doors and out of the railings, because not everyone knew the doors were open. It became a madman's house, ”says Lucian. "Many came with their boats and threw them around the podium." The turnout of the world was incredible. The newspapers had the party the other day on the headlines. Tickets were purchased in bulk. A relative crowd yes, it was expected, but 100,000 people outstripped any prediction. “There was Theodore Angelopoulos, Dimitra Galani, and a lot of record labels. In the following years I learned that that night the Athens summer cinemas didn't work, no one went, they were all in Vouliagmeni, a lady told me she came from Johannesburg. "

The radio and its story

In Greece since 1923 an attempt was made to install a radio transmitter.

Artistic song: It's story!

The artistic song made its appearance in the late 1950s through the early 1960s.
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